Ruger Mini 14 Stainless+240rds+EXTRAS

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    I have a near mint condition RUGER MINI 14. It is a stainless older model in amazing condition, under 100rds cleaned and cared for, most of its life in a safe.
    comes with stock mag and hi cap 30rd mag (High polish stainless!)
    i also Have available to the buyer or anyone who has cash and wants it bad enough:
    12x 20rd boxes of remington fmj 5.56 (240rds total)$75
    nice stainless weaver scope mount/rings $50

    asking $675 OBO for rifle and mags only
    only trades i am interested in are partial trades of a pistol+cash or multiple pistols
    call me at 206 909 8082 (if you cant get through call my old ladies phone at 206 947 1367 and ask for David)
    thanks for lookin'!
    email pics of trade offers to:

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