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Remember reading his articles in Archery mags in the '80's. One i can't remember but do recall a "green dog" had me and the wife laughing everytime we mentioned it. And also "Number Three" RIP Pat.
I did a lot of laughing to his tales when I was younger and have a few of his books. Some of his stories still make me laugh just thinking about them, he hit pretty close to home quite a bit.

He made hunting, guns and the outdoors more approachable to a lot of folks by pointing out the humor of people who, like Andy mentioned, tend to take things and themselves a bit too seriously.

RIP Pat, you'll be missed.
As a kid I could not wait for Granddad to get his monthly Outdoor Life so I could read Patrick McManus' stories.

I enjoyed the entire magazine but his stories were the best part of each and every issue.
Rip, thanks for all the stories and laughs. My 6th grade teacher would read from his books everyday after lunch. I'll have to grab one of his books off my shelf and read it tonight.

Damit, guys I admired or found entertaining keep dropping. Gunny, Art Bell, and Pat McManus.

With finding a bunch of Fishing the West episodes on YouTube recently, I was really surprised to see Larry fishing with Mr. McManus on a lake in Idaho, trolling for kokes and rainbows.

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