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Radio host Art Bell, famous for his show "Coast to Coast AM", died Friday (his fans will note, that was Friday the 13th) at the age of 72, Nevada authorities confirmed Saturday.

When I worked 12 hour nightshifts, we had a guy who loved to listen to Art. It was... interesting.
Had a buddy who listened to him all the time. Even had me setup a real nice Marantz Stereo tuner and antenna so he could hear better while living in Dufur.
Sadness will surely befall, "The Kingdom of Nye."

I used to listen to him religiously when I lived in Hawaii. His....was a voice to ponder along with, during those nights. LOL, I had my own ideas of weird happenings on Earth and of Earth visitors. LOL. Also, he had some very interesting guests.

His wife (Ramona) would sometimes take over the show to cover for him. She also had a very soothing voice.

R.I.P. Art Bell

Art Bell - Wikipedia

Aloha, Mark
Death if celebs comes in 3s. This week we lost the Gunny, Barbara Bush, and now Art Bell.

Most entertaining radio host I've ever listened to. I really miss his Ghost to Ghost shows, George Noory will never hold a candle to Art Bell.

He was surrounded in controversy a few times, hated by some, loved by others, but he was the godfather of paranormal and conspiracy entertainment.

Rest in peace Art.
Curiosity in the unexplained and weird lead me to Art Bell's show. Over the years listening to him and many others has solidify my belief that there is more to life then we know. Thank you for paving the way and leading many to "think outside the box" and not just conforming to the norm. RIP Art Bell.

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