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    This thread is for the general discussion of the gun shop Rich's Gun Shop. Please add to the discussion here.
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  2. madcratebuilder

    Ardenwald, OR
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    I would like to rate less than poor.
    The first dealing I had with them was a new Ruger revolver I bought. The next day I checked my Bank account on line, they had double tapped my debt card. Had I not checked that and took care of it, I may have been in a overdraft situation.
    The second and last dealing I had them do an FFL transfer. I called and they quoted me $20 plus $10 for the back ground check.
    When I went to pick up my rifle they charged me $40 plus back ground, denied every quoting $20. Never again.
    It's not worth the drive IMHO.
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  3. tj3006

    portland ore
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    several years ago, I gave them a ruger MK 2 RL in .257 Roberts. We agreed on a price of 200.00 for free floating glass bedding and to put a little notch in the stock to make room for the timney trigger I had installed.
    When I got the rifle back it was not free floated and the bedding job was just a small area in front of the lug. The action was not bedded at all.
    The notch for the trigger was done fine.
    I called and asked for a partial refund for the part of the job that was not done. (free floating) and was told he did not want to work on the epoxy forend tip.
    I said paid for a free floting job and the rifle is not free floated. No refund.
    I bought a wooden dowl rod and some sand paper.
    Free floated the rifle myself in about 90 minets.
    Shoots great too.
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  4. theduke


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    The shop is "clean" or was . Got our *** chewed for a little trace of mud on the carpet. Young guy working the counter was friendly and helpfull .I believe he is a member here and does some nice work. Search his posts. On the other hand the apparent owner is a whiney little b itch & for this reason I'd skip it . Was a nice selection of weapons and high priced assy's. Fairly balanced pistols/rifles/shotguns. Not much in the order of black guns but there were a few ar's ,ak's. Several used weapons some pricey some reasonable. Maybe a switch to vynal flooring would ease his mind and allow the working men to shop.
  5. jeddedia

    Wilsonville, Oregon, United States

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    Yeah that's something we're working on with my old man, he's pretty touchy about the carpet...
    We recently had some water damage and the carpet is brand new, and we'd like to keep it that way for at least a few years. Just yesterday a customer came in with what appeared to be axle grease all over his shoes and let's just say that we are able to track where in the store he walked.

    And as for selection our retail area has limited space so I keep a fair selection of the most commonly asked for items, but specialty stuff is able to be ordered and usually here within a week, no charge for special orders:s0155:

    I want to apologize for the less than great experience and hope that you'll come back in the future! We stand behind all our gunsmithing work and wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.:)

  6. HollisOR

    Rural OR, South of Dallas
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    I had a opportunity to travel with a friend to pick up a pistol that was re-blued. The bluing job was excellent. Over all I was impressed with the design and lay out of the shop. Probably one of the neatest designed shops. The machine room was separated from the "abrasive room" and was very clean. Selection looked good. As far as people and prices, I did not have any dealing there. I was just very impressed with the design, merchandising and over all set up of the shop.
  7. Dirty Needle

    Dirty Needle
    Silverton, Oregon

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    I had a 1911 done up at the shop. i felt that the pricing was a little over the top. The young guy I dealt with and that did the work on my Pistol was OK. Rich however came across as arrogant and all-knowing. Because of this I looked for and found a guy named Todd Koontz out of Salem. He is relatively new, but knows his stuff and you can speak to him without feeling like you are wasting his time.
  8. Outdoorxj

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    Good shop, they have a nice little section of 10/22 stuff, more than most. The customer service is good, but the gun smiting prices are high... Oh well. I like that they have a life time warranty, but am not sure how it works? They replace normal wear and tear with their warranty, but wanted to charge me 65 to get my gun disassemble?? Over all this is my new go to shop!
  9. Adelaarvaren

    Northern Marion County, Oregon

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    Two repairs so far, and 100% satisfied. Also bought a rifle from them. It was slightly more than the lowest price online, but I'm happy to pay that in order to keep an excellent gunsmith open near my home!
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  10. gunnut38


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    Purchased a handgun there. The young salesman was knowledgeable and helpful. Pleasant and easy transaction. I will not shoot this gun enough enough to ever take advantage of their lifetime warranty but may take it back for their one time free cleaning and inspection just for fun. I liked it before the remodel when all the long guns were out on a rank for free inspection and handling .
  11. KKG

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    Unfortunately, as with everything else, it's getting more and more costly to be doing that sort of thing. I'm sure the Insurance costs have been continuously going up. Unless the Shop has someone to pretty much sit there and watch the Rifle rack constantly, well, things have been known to grow legs.:mad::mad::mad:

    And when one does grow legs, it's really hard to get the BATFE to understand.

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