I need to thin the heard to make some funding happen on a couple different builds. So I've decided to sell one of my Rhodesian Builds. This one is a very nice battlefield reproduction of a Rhodesian R1 FAL.

***Here's a link to pictures from the Rhodesian Bush War. Lots of photos of FAL's painted very similar to this one Rhodesia: The Ultimate Photographic Resource! - The FAL Files***

I built it using an old R1 Kit I got a long time ago. Came with a G1 Lower instead of a South African.

Here's what it has:
-Century L1A1 Receiver (old DCI Type 1 converted). Has a unibrow feed ramp that made it so I had to slightly reshape the very lip of the chamber face. No modifications to the chamber! Cycles really good now.
-South African 21" BBL. Good Bore for a Rhodesian Bush War vet.
-South African Non-Bipod Cut HG's.
-G1 Lower and Stock (Stock is cracked but very usable.)

L1A1 Upgrades:
-Sand Cut Bolt and Carrier
-Folding Charging Handle

Interesting Field Repair:
-Wire used to keep Grenade Sight from flipping up. (Kit came this way. Wire replaced with new one)

Comes with 1 Mag.

Rifle Feeds and Cycles like a FAL should. Never had a chance to sight it in, but it seemed to be pretty close to right on.

$1100 plus shipping. Last price drop. Can't build one like this for less.

Open to Trades + Cash or even Straight Trades

CSC_0492_zpsb7ddea9b.jpg CSC_0489_zpsb2d80be5.jpg CSC_0494_zpsdbf7aaaa.jpg CSC_0490_zps1cdcfd81.jpg CSC_0491_zps04a325cd.jpg CSC_0493_zpsabd70040.jpg CSC_0495_zps60247cca.jpg RhodesianFAL_zps0f84c665.gif
Did you apply that paint on there with a dead chipmunk or some sort of roller brush?

I have a very good friend who was a Captain in the Rhodesian African Rifles. He told me that they gave each soldier a paint brush and a couple different shades of Green. Each soldier could paint his rifle however he wanted. Here's a link to my youtube account showing Captain Smith speaking to our SCV Camp earlier this year. Captain Smith thought I did a fantastic job of replicating how a typical Rhodesian R1 looked during the war. BTW, the Rhodesian FAL in the video is mine. Rhodesian Capt. Joseph C. Smith - YouTube

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