WTS OR RFB 18 Inch Barrel

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    Kel Tec RFB 18 Inch Barrel with less than 500 rounds through it:

    I'm looking to exit the platform completely so I'm selling with all the upgrades, ammo, scope, case, etc. This is a great rifle... and with proper gas adjustment shoots as softly as an AR-15. I'm getting out of it because I'm returning to the AR platform. I had too many years of AR training ingrained in me to overcome the drastic changes in the manual of arms for this rifle to be really comfortable so it became a spare. As a 308, it's on the light side of the spectrum from your traditional M1A, etc., by far. Still was just getting to be too much for me to carry around as I get up in age with the associated ammo weight...

    List of items and upgrades:
    • Original packaging and manual
    • Burris MTAC 1.5-6 scope with MGM Switchview throw lever and Burris P.E.P.R QD mount (this scope is a fantastic fit for the capabilities of this rifle - I'll even throw in the non-QD version of the P.E.P.R mount that I replaced)
    • Troy BUIS pictured are NOT for sale or included with the package.
    • Front Riser and Quad Rail (From Kel Tec)
    • 300 rounds (estimate - it's probably more and if I get a serious offer I'll count 'em if you like...)
    • Large charging handle (From Kel Tec - original small charging handle provided)
    • PWS Muzzle Break (original A2 Flash Hider not provided)
    • Grip Pod (not a knock off) (with associated attachment picatinny on the bottom)
    • Kydex cheek rest (it's metal underneath and if you don't have this it can get cold/hot as climate dictates)
    • Soft Case included
    • Butler Creek flip-up scope covers
    • 5 round DSA hunting magazine x3
    • 20 rounds Thermold polymer magazine x3
    • 25 round steel DSA magazine x3
    • 30 round steel DSA magazine x2
    • 20 round metal magazine (bought with the gun - unknown source but they work just fine) x6
    • 2 leather mag carriers (unknown source - normal belt attatchment style)
    • I also have 3x HSGI double rifle taco's and a pistol/rifle taco that we can add in for extra charge if someone is looking for MOLLE compatible rifle mag pouches for the 308 platform (price not included).
    This is the entire package and everything you'd need to run the rifle for target, class, hunting, or whatever application you envision and probably then some...

    Asking $2,800 O.B.O. (I'm not sure how flexible I am... there is a ton of overall value in this package).

    I could take trades for a Ruger GP100 with the 4.2 barrel or a Springfield Armory XD 9mm Service (only the 4 inch barrel as I need it to fit in the same holster investments as my XD-45C). Obviously neither of those cover the full cost and would just be part of the overall sale.



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    This is closed. I couldn't figure out how to set it as closed but I wanted to place some trades options in it. Please look for further information in the other thread.
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