Remington Store 25% off and free ship over $100, new shotgun barrels anyone?

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    Last night I used a several year old code (that I found elsewhere on the internet) at the Remington Country Store and it still worked, so I thought I would pass it on. It is NP07. It gives you 25% off your order. There is also free shipping if your order is over $100.

    Remington Country Store & Parts Store

    The store doesn't have a lot to offer other than apparel, but they do have replacement barrels and chokes for their shotguns as well as general replacement parts for their shotguns and rifles. Last night I got a new 20" improved choke rifle sighted barrel for my 870 for $94 including tax and delivery. The cheapest price I could find anywhere else online was $116 plus tax and shipping, so it seems like it was a pretty good deal. I tried the code again a few minutes ago and it still worked so I thought I would pass it along.
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