Remington Sendero 700 7mm STW

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    Local pickup okay or ship direct within Oregon (no FFL needed).

    Get this awesome gun in like-new condition! $1100

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case the words "like new" are worth more than the pictures really. If you have ever seen one of these new, then it looks just like this one.

    I have not personally shot this rifle. I got it from a guy that had more dollars than sense! He was a casual weekend beer can shooter and thought it looked cool. He took it out with his .22 and .17 HMR and found that this one kicked just a little bit more than those ones (surprise!). So, he put it in the safe for a couple of years and I came along at the right time asking about some other business and he mentioned this rifle. He said the rifle had been fired 26 times (and the condition matches in my opinion). He said that another friend of his that is more familiar with big calibers was surprised at how low the recoil was and they were both impressed with the accuracy. He did not reload, but his friend made him some reloads for it.

    It has 22 empty 1x brass, 19 reloads (mostly accubonds) and 2 full boxes of Remington Factory loads. Also included are 50 new brass and RCBS dies. That's about $200 of "extras".

    FYI The scope (not included) is a Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10x40 with target turrets in excellent condition. I value this scope at $400 cash. Also pictured with the Bi-pod (not included, but negotiable).

    I don't really need anything in particular in trades, so any trade will have to be in my favor.





    From a gun-review website:

    The Sendero's steel hardware is made of 416 stainless, an alloy that seems to hold up better to harsh environments and is less susceptibility to throat and bore erosion than carbon steel counterparts.
    Verified by a good deal of infrared thermometer data logging, the gun's barrel fluting helps to dissipate heat more rapidly by providing greater cooling surface area. Fluted barrels also tend to be more rigid than tapered cylindrical types, which narrows the effects of harmonics on shot to shot placement. The 26" long barrel is hammer forged with a 1:10" twist, the chamber is reamer cut. The 0.820" muzzle has a shallow concave target crown. The metal work is...pretty, like when the protective paper is pulled off of a piece of precision machinery. The barrel finish is satin with flute insets and muzzle powder coated a non-reflective black, the receiver and bolt are a bright satin, the bolt body is cleanly jeweled, the bolt knob is checkered - Form follows function doesn't have to result in a utility drab appearance.

    The long Remington Model 700 action is quite compact considering its cartridge capacity. The bolt travel is approximately 4.75" with a mag well functional length of approximately 3.750", which works out well as the Ultra Mag cartridge has a maximum spec length of 3.600". There is a little room to play with when handloading, which is always appreciated.

    Obligatory and gratuitous spec comments to follow - The bolt is a two lug design, requiring approximately ninety degrees of rotation to unlock. The action is push feed, cycling smoothly and cleanly both feeding and extracting rounds. Pushing a small tab inside and at the top of the trigger guard releases the bolt for removal. Pushing a small tab located at the forward inside of the trigger guard opens the hinged floorplate and unloads the magazine well. While handy in placement, neither control is in jeopardy of being accidentally actuated.

    Perhaps the best factory single stage trigger...

    The X-Mark PRO Adjustable is...spiffy, and a mouthful to say. Assembled with durable, close tolerance parts, the X-Mark Pro is catalogued as leaving the factory preset to three and one-half pounds and as being shooter adjustable within a two pound range. Adjustment does not require rifle disassembly, only the 1/16th inch hex wrench that is included with the rifle.

    Digitally scale checked as received, the preset pull ran from 3 lbs 14 oz to 4 lbs 2 oz. The scale noticed the variance, my trigger finger did not. I usually set rifle trigger pull in the high three to low four pound range, anything lighter feels...unsteady. I ran the Remington trigger down to 2 lbs 12 oz and it was so crisp I left it there. The two position safety is positive in operation...positively.

    Target shooting at sporter weight...

    The stock's construction and geometry played a significant part in my selection of this firearm. It is comfortable shooting from any position and it is hand filling. The wide forearm and palm swell, while not nearly as much fun as Palm Springs, make it easy to get a good hold on the gun and operate controls like the safety, floor plate and bolt release. The two buttons on the forearm are handy for shooters who want a sling and bipod mount. I'll take a stab at the intent and assume the forward button is for the bipod. The bottom metal, including a hinged floorplate are nicely textured and anodized aluminum alloy. No, I don't know what kind, but thank you for asking. Considering half million pound airplanes land on aluminum alloy landing gear, I believe this bottom metal should be able to support three rounds of ammunition and/or a finger without too much trouble...and perhaps a slightly smaller airplane.

    The H-S Precision composite stock accounts for 2 lbs 10 oz of the Sendero's 8 lb 12 oz total weight, a weight which is impressively light as the stock is dimensionally quite beefy and includes an integral aluminum bedding block and shoulder considerate recoil pad. To put the Sendero's weight into context, a Weatherby Accumark in .30-378 WM weighs 9 lbs and is classified a sporter and the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in .300 Winchester Magnum, another sporter, is only about 4 ounces less.

    The barrel floats the entire length of the forearm with no speed bumps in the channel. Remington lists the construction of the stock as "...composite stock reinforced with aramid fibers." The aramid fiber description is shorthand for aromatic polyamide fibers which are used in the production of fire and high heat resistant material and in advanced forms of body armor. While I don't believe it would be appropriate to use the Remington to put out a campfire, or as part of a barricade defensive against speeding bullets, I do believe Remington's use of aramid fibers adds a tremendous amount of strength to the composite material along the direction of the fiber. The result is a highly resilient stock that is very carefully shaped for maximum shooting control...and good looks.

    The Sendero in is a unique firearm and a rifle/power combination not readily available elsewhere. A similar application rifle, with a tactical stock and a slightly thinner profile and unfluted barrel would be Weatherby's Mark V Threat Response Magnum Custom. It's starting price is $2,990 compared to the Remington Sendero SF II at $1,395.
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