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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by cbzdel, Sep 18, 2014.

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    Long story short I just finished up a trap shooting class last night and had so much fun doing so. I had bought a 870 to convert to a HD shotgun but now since I already have the 28" barrel I am thinking of using this for trap shooting. I understand a pump gun is not ideal but I figure if I am still into this in a year or so I can upgrade to something better.

    That being said what I have Remington 870 12g Express with the synthetic stock that I picked up from Walmart for next to nothing, my only complaint about it is that the butt stock is not very comfy at all. I was thinking maybe I should pick up an adjustable stock of some sort with an adjustable butt pad and comb.

    When I ran a google search I see many of these exist but I have no idea if some are better than others, and personally I like the synthetic stocks better than wood stocks, not sure why though.

    Would it be a good move to modify my 870 more towards a trap/skeet gun or should i just leave it be, shoot it and save for a shotgun completely?
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    try the magpul stock, it has shims to adjust the length, i have one on mine and its great
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    When you start looking at adjustable comb and LOP stocks, you're probably best off saving for a different shotgun. If it's just uncomfortable to shoot, then have a gunsmith put on a nice soft recoil pad. If it was an old wingmaster it might be different, but in this case a fancy stock would probably be just putting expensive lipstick on a pig. Good gun, but probably never intended to be a trap gun (the express model that is).

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