WTS OR Remington 700 SA 20 Vartarg

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    Trying to help out a widower on a few rifles and this particular unit belongs here.
    To start, I have NOT shot this....yet. I plan to by Friday and Will update with target. I have however shot others and they are definite performers with "mystery" loads.

    Here we go........Remington 700 SA assuming its blueprinted, "G" prefix ADL with single shot plate installed.
    Kelby 1" rings
    .250 recoil lug
    Barrel is unknown brand or round count. Caliber designation is in fancy cursive. 1.212 at lug .930 at threads 20 1/2". Has a surefire can adapter on it now that WILL BE REMOVED prior to shipping and have no thread protector. Inside is clean and is fully floated.
    Stock is a green with black streaks, but unknown maker. I researched and thought it to be a Lee Six but others here PMd me saying McMillan?? Looks like BR front with sported/Hunter butt.
    Redding & hornaday dies
    200 loaded bullets (can ship)... RP & Lapua stamp. Loads are well marked for information


    Is $1100 shiped out of line? Again, not mine just helping the less educated then myself.

    Rifle looks good, is clean, just need optics. Action finish needs redone.

    Also available are another 400 loaded RP and Lapua rounds @ $75 per 100pc.

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