Remington 700 ADL to BDL?

It was maybe 7 or 8 years ago I bought a Remington 700 ADL chambered in 30.06. Its been a great rifle, plenty accurate and I have been overall very happy with it. Though right now it is back at Remington for the trigger recall and I may be missing hunting season this year.

I bought this rifle as an entry level rifle and expected to upgrade later, thing is I have not found a reason to upgrade. Its a synthetic stock with a blued finish, lots of scratches from heavy brush. My only complaint is that I have to rack the bolt to unload the rifle, I just don't like that aspect at all from a safety standpoint.

I have seen for a couple hundred bucks you can buy the components to change the stock and mag well from an ADL to a BDL which would eliminate the one item that I do not like about this rifle. Would something like this be worth it? Would it be worth it to upgrade to a stock other than factory for a conversion such as this? Or in a case like this would it be better to just leave it be and if I want something different that bad then trade the rifle in?
Everything depends on your budget. The bottom metal, magazine box, and related components can be had for $160 from brownells. The stock could either be someone's take-off that you get at a gun show or ebay, or you could upgrade to a Boyds or some other stock.

I prefer the BDL guns. I don't like to have to run my ammo through the gun to unload. If I built a high recoiling dangerous game rifle on a 700 receiver for some reason, I would go with an ADL, as there is no floorplate to come unhinged and drop all your ammo under recoil...


+1 to @MountainBear 's suggestion. Bottom metal and other Rem upgrade accoutrements can be like gold plated trim on a Camry.
Or you could buy a chassis. @JCORD has Rem SA HS Precision and Grayboe stocks for sale in the parts and accessories section.
X mark trigger. P.O.S.
It's like dragging a cinder block across concrete with your finger to fire the bullet, or filleting a fish with a dull blade.
Yes, there are DIY articles on how to make your XMark better. Fuggit.

Have one on my Rem custom because I planned for it to be the last thing upgraded.
I was waiting for the time when Jewell triggers came on sale. And then life got really busy.
So it hasn't happened yet. In the 200+ rounds I've shot, I find that I am surprised by the shot every time. I see this as a good training exercise.
I already love the rifle, a Jewell trigger (or equivalent) will make it that much more loveable.
The remington 700 isn’t a camry, its a small block V8. There are all sorts of ways to make it what you want. I never buy a “nice” 700 from the store, I buy cheap and use it as a donor or build up if it shoots well as is.

I keep my 700s ADL or convert them to ADL because it makes the stock stiffer through the action. It also allows me to carry the rifle between the trigger guard and front action screw without blemishing the floorplate with sweat or whatever.

Is the rifle blued or stainless? I see you’re in Lewis Co. I’m in Thurston. If you want a free stainless factory 700 bottom metal, you can have one of mine. You’ll just need a new magazine box. The magazine spring and follower should work. PM if you want it.
Started their lives as cheap 700s, got restocked and bedded. The ADL weighs right at 7lbs field-ready with a Mcmillan KS pattern stock. The BDL just under 8lbs using a Bell & Carlson Alaskan Ti Ultralight stock and keeping the 24 inch barrel:



They were "grades of deluxe" since both were checkered and both had cheekpieces, etc. The major mechanical difference was the floorplate assembly. All this nomenclature was designed to differentiate the "new" Model 700 (available in TWO deluxe versions!) from the old Model 721/722 (essentially the identical action).

The ADL is occasionally considered to be a more "stiff" action. Accuracy guys like it a lot, especially in a custom gun.

If I wuz yew.....

I'd learn that easy unloading procedure that never requires you to chamber a round or close a bolt. You have a great gun in your hand. Spend money making it better. Don't spend a dime changing it.


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