WTS/WTT OR Rem 700 AAC-SD 308

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    Remington 700 AAC 308 win. 20" barrel gillie green stock. I have put a Lantac dragon for the brake and it works beautifully. Very low felt recoil without over compensating. Scope will be sold with the rifle. The optic is a Springfield armory government 10x56. Tactical turrets, Illuminated recital as well as an internal level. This is a premium hard to find piece of glass. I also have a lot of 308 ammo of you'd like to make a deal for that as well. 1650.00 obo for the package as she sits. This is a private party sale and I prefer doing business with chl holders.

    I hate to do this but a custody case is now looming.

    ATTACH=full]221947[/ATTACH] ImageUploadedByTapatalk1427615996.738897.jpg

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