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    I traded off an ugly van for this stainless/synthetic rem. 700 in .338win. It's dirty and has a few scrapes and scuffs, but it will still be in pretty decent shape once I clean it. It has rings, but no scope, and only came with two rounds of ammo:(. I believe the barrel is 24". It says model 700, and nothing else like SPS, XCR, etc. Serial is S6201092 and there is a stamp on the barrel next to the receiver that says "KM 31".

    I don't hunt and don't have much use for a gun like this, but I plan on moving to AK eventually, and this would be a decent gun for up there. The bad thing about using it for AK though, is that the barrel is awful long for backpacking, and it has no iron sights. It's powerful, and I like powerful guns, but I've already owned something that was more powerful, so that doesn't impress me either.

    Components are much more expensive for this caliber than I thought when I traded too. I also didn't think about the fact that I'd have to buy new powder and different primers, which is more money I don't have. More importantly, there's the fact that I don't have a good scope, just a POS walmart (tasco or BSA?) 3x9.

    I was thinking of keeping this one long term when I got it, but after looking at all the money I'd have to put out, I'm tempted to just sell or trade it and get something I want/need more, and then look for a .338 or something similar when/if I actually go to AK.

    So my questions are:
    -What is it worth?
    -When was it made?
    -Will my cheap scope hold up to .338 recoil at all? If so, how many rounds do you think it would last?
    -If my cheap scope won't last long enough to bother mounting, what is the absolute cheapest scope that will hold up to .338 recoil?
    -What model of 700 is this?
    -If I do decide to keep it and buy dies/etc for it, what would be a good powder and weight of bullet to try? (I'd be buying hornady bullets BTW)


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