Rem .22lr 36gr HP's 525ct/115gr fmj 9mm trade for 40s&w target ammo

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    I have one box of rem .22lr 525ct,that I would like to trade for 100rnds of target/fmj 40s&w. I feel this is a fair trade since most people are asking $40+ for their .22lr ammo.Im asking for $37.99 as that is what a win 100rnd VP 40s&w was selling for at cabelas earlier today.If you feel that isnt a fair trade then send me an offer and I'll let you know if we can work something out. I also have 150rnds of ppu 9mm 115gr fmj that I would be willing to add to a trade either together or by itself(ppu 9mm@$15per box plus gas to Roseburg and back picking it up=$60). If you reload and need 9mm brass I have 600+ once fired brass, and I also have 60rnds of .308 once fired and 100 unprimed .308 new brass that I can trade with. I'm looking for 100-200rnds by Tom at about 3pm. Please feel free to make me any offer as I will take it seriously cause I really need .40. You can call or text me an offer at (541)543-1135 anytime.I live in Springfield but I am willing to ride up to an hour one way to meet someone for a FTF. If you just want to buy the ammo I'm asking the following .22lr=$35,9mm=$20per 50 or $60 total,I don't really know how much once fired brass runs so just give me a reasonable offer and it's yours,and the 100 unprimed new .308 brass cost me $28 per 50 or $56 for all 100.

    Thanks, Aaron

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