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Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by teflon97239, Mar 23, 2013.

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    So, what can you guys tell me about red/green dot optics?

    I have a cheapo gunshow red/green dot on my .22 pistol, and I normally use the green indoors, which works great. Half a turn with the allen wrench switches my zero between 7 yards and 50 feet. Pretty simple.

    Then I used the red last week and it was no longer zeroed, so I immediately adjusted it. Now I realize that I should have switched back to green first to see if it was still zeroed there. Anyway, is it safe to assume that the red and green laser sources are slightly different, so I’ll always change my zero when I switch colors? If that’s the case, I can stick with one color.

    How about multiple reticles? I’m considering one with the dot, bullseye, crosshairs, etc. I think the advantage there would be to zero the crosshair reticle at 50 feet and leave it like that. Then just figure out where my point of impact is at 7 yards. Or vice versa.

    Trying to keep it cheap while I experiment and decide what I really like. Ideas?

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