Red Dot on Mini 30 Ideas?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by teflon97239, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. teflon97239

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    I want to put a cheap red dot on my Ruger Mini 30... AND see my iron sights. Is that possible?

    Like all Mini-30's, it's a "Ranch Model" with built-in Ruger (non-Weaver) scope mounts, which block the iron sights when holding a standard 1" scope in place.

    So, I'm wondering if I can set it up with the iron sights visible, then raise my eye an inch to see the red dot instead.

    As I scan catalogs, shop online and visit all the local stores, I get lots of ideas from lots of people about what "should" work. But I haven't seen the right combination yet.

    Has anyone actually done that with this rifle? If so, please email me at the address below with some info on brand, model, tips, etc., so I can make my zombie plinker the way I really want it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. elsullo

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    Please post your results here so we can see what you came up with! Photos welcome! I too pursue this goal. Does Ruger sell see-through scope mounts or rails to fit their bases? Keep us updated on your exploration........................elsullo :thumbup:
  3. 9mmMike

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    Urban Brawler rail goes on in place of the handguard and offers a see through rail which allows use of the iron sights as well as a forward mounting platform for your red dot. I sold one to a guy on here about 6 months ago as I didn't use it and went with Optics with QD Warne rings ... He said it fit great, but not sure what he mounted on the rail.

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