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5.56x45mm NATO
Gig Harbor
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Collector Microtechnology Small Arms Research (MSAR) rifle in .556 with 16” and 24” barrel. Tons of extras including: factory rail, scope, HK thread adapter, trigger upgrade, spare firing pin, 1-40 round mag, 4- 30 round mags, 1-10 round mag, 7-5 round mags and factory pelican case.
I bought this from a local collector who bought it directly from a Microtech employee. Fired only once by me and in like new condition. Very nice piece! $3500

438E33C0-45EF-4BA9-9656-3B0C6D484BEF.jpeg 26823BED-1CFC-4527-8D53-F86468D08477.jpeg E35A6F8D-A5BA-4DBC-B031-E0CE972D9922.jpeg 19890D66-46B5-41BE-B8E5-D3A5F22376B4.jpeg 97455685-32ED-4AB1-AD78-17425390D543.jpeg 8211DC1F-E65E-400E-A572-972F48747054.jpeg
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With a spare barrel? Man, that barrel alone is worth a ton. I think they only made like 12. I looked for a barrel when I had mine and they guy at Ratworks told me they are/were unobtanium! When I get my taxes, back, I may have to have another look! But, the list is long. This might move up!
Very nice package. They are fun guns. I have one and an AUG. If nobody jumps on this and you put it back in the safe. I will for sure buy the 24" barrel if you want to part with it. I live in Spanaway.
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