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    Here are 5 Colt Model 1877 revolvers I have for sale/trade. All are antiques (pre-1898 manufacture) and therefore all can be shipped directly to the buyer.

    The Lightnings are chambered in .38 Colt
    The Thunderer is chambered in .41 Colt.

    1880 Nickel Colt M1877 Lightning 2.5" Barrel "Sheriff's Model" - $1,500
    This pistol has flawless grips!!

    Acid Etched Panel


    1882 Nickel Colt M1877 Lightning 3.5" Barrel - $1,300


    1879 Nickel Colt M1877 Thunderer 3.5" Barrel - $1,600


    Acid Etched Panel


    1881 Blued Colt M1877 Lightning 3.5" Barrel - $1,500
    This pistol has the smoothest action I have ever felt on a Lightning.


    1882 possibly refinished Nickel Colt M1877 Lightning 3.5" (mechanical issues) $700


    All of the revolvers except for the last one function exactly as they should. These pistols are the ideal start to a beautiful Colt collection. The model 1877 is known for having a very fragile action, so to find this many pistols which function so well is very rare! The M1877 was the pistol of choice for the outlaw Billy the Kid.

    I would be willing to sell all 5 revolvers, shipped in a very nice padded case for $5,500.

    Trades I would be interested in would be:
    Colt Pythons, Colt Single Action Army's, Colt Anacondas, Winchester Lever Action Rifles, Colt 1911s, S&W Triple Locks, S&W Registered Magnums and so on. I am open to Gold & Silver in trade as well as part cash, part trade deals. For the right offer, I might even throw in a box of antique Winchester .38 Colt ammo.


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