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Range Reort Witness match 10MM

Finally got a chance today to take my new EAA Witness elite match 10MM to the range today. I cashed in all my pop can's and purchased 100 rounds of American eagle Ammo (OUCH).

I loaded up the mag and took aim and let the first clip rip. This pistol is a great shooter very accurate and easy to handle. I was expecting more of a kick then I got with this being my first 10MM. I would compare it to a 4" 1911.

I used the 10 yard range for all my shooting today.

I shoot the first 20 rounds free hand just to get the feel for the pistol and get comfortable with the sights. Shoots point of aim and the sights where nuts on out of the box, no adjustments required.

The next 10 rounds again where shoot free hand but I was really trying to get good grouping this time. I was not disappointed first three where a little low and just right of center and all three where touching the next two where high and to the left. The next five where where still just a tad low and to the right but where grouped withing a 2.5" group.

I fired a few more clips with similar results. The next few clips where shoot by my brother and son they to enjoyed some excellent groupings and both where amazed by how comfortable this pistol was to shoot especially for a 10MM.

I was going to try for a grouping from a bench rest but I ran out of rounds before I had a chance to.

All I can day is WOW. I am glad I decided to pick this up.

This is one great gun considering the sub$500 street price.

Now I have to reload my brass and go try it again at the 25 yard range.

Thanks for the range report. I figured it would have quite a bit more recoil than a .45acp because it's a pretty hot round. Sounds like you picked a winner :)



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