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Reposted: Apologies to the several people were interested and I couldn't not meet up with last month because was visiting Family in California. I'm re-listing this and sending you a PM Mark and Jacob. Still available

We purchased a PTR-91 from budsgunshop about 6 months ago or so, receipt below. She hasn't really been handled very much in the last 6-8 months, only 40-50 rounds through her. Pretty much flawless and a very accurate shooter at about 400-500 yards. We purchased lots of mags as well, (65) 20 rounders. Not the cheap 99 cent ones. We purchased these from our local gun shop for about 2.50 a piece. My wife and I have only been to the range with the rifle twice.. it loooves American eagle 308 FMJ and Federal. We ran some wolf through her once and it just jams, so even though it's higher priced ammo I believe it's worth it to go with the higher quality 308. We have however tried cheap Silver Bear in 308 and it eats it up. Were not looking for any trades at the moment thanks, trying to gather some funds for some food preparation plans and a 5.45x39 ammo bulk purchase.

I will accept $900 firm.. we payed close to $1100.

I will throw in all 65 magazines for $75 with the rifle. I will not sell the magazines individually, only as a complete package with the rifle for $975.

Please PM, or email us with any questions. Thanks!

Joseph and Marla

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