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    I'm getting serious about buying a piece of land,so I thought I'd start asking around.

    "MY" requirements- 5-1,000,000 acres of Central Oregon type land (Not necessarily Central Oregon,but that type of terrain..no moss,mold,excessive brushy undergrowth,or Commies)
    Within 250 miles of PDX.I want to build a drinkin' shack,100 yard shooting range,and a small but usable motorcycle track.Need lots of trees,privacy,etc. No well,phone,power or other BS needed.
    Think EAST SIDE..

    "HER" requirements- Close to PDX(close to a shopping mall) ,moss,mold,preferably running water.
    Think WEST SIDE..

    Apparently I will be spending lots of time there alone,or with other "old weirdo types" as she puts it.

    Anyway,I have great credit,I'm a homeowner,steady job (Diesel mechanic,$45K/yr)) I have a couple thousand down (can add guns,ammo,work,etc for trade?)

    Im hoping to find something for $40,000 or less.

    Looking for an OWC type deal

    Anything out there?
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    I might be selling between one and four places (up to 118 acres) just beyond your max desired distance. Don't know how well I could accommodate the other desires but will let you know if I decide to sell. Otherwise I could point you in the right direction for some of the wildest country in Oregon. (think modern-day old west)

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