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This is a Phelps progressive reloader which is a copy of the famed Star reloaders popular a couple decades ago. Thousands of these reloaders are still used today. My personal Star machine was purchased over 40 years ago and have loaded over 100,000 rounds without any single parts breaking or wearing out. (Exception, extraction pin bent when inexperienced user tried to resize a sideways case.) Phelps machines are a very close copy. This machine comes with two tool heads, for 38 special and 45 ACP. The powder bars are fixed but I can supply bars that throw the common charges for today's reloading specs. Change over from one tool head to the other tales about 20 minutes. The reloading production rate is dependent on the reloader but 400 rounds per hour is conservative. The internet is full of ads for spare parts, although I can't imagine needing any as these machines are ready to load. Please take the time to research the Star and Phelps machines on the internet web sites and blogs and you will fine these machines have a large following. This machine can be fitted with a case feeder and an indexer. I have an indexer for this machine but it needs an additional part. Price for this machine with both tool heads is $600.

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