Problem? with my remington 870

You should not be able to pump it without either pulling the trigger, or pushing the pump release.
Sounds like its not going into battery with the 18.5 barrel.
With the 18.5 installed and in battery put a witness mark on the bolt and receiver. Then install the long barrel and check the witness mark. I'll bet the bolt is further forward. Rix's comment on not going in to battery completely sounds correct to me.
The bolt is not completely locking. I belive that the mounting sleeve under the barrel, the part that slides over the mag tube is out of spec and you cannot thighten the nut down far enough to seat the barrel/chamber into the receiver. lay the barrels side by side and check to see if the dimensions of the various points on them are EXACTLY the same.
I will try. Snap caps are out of spec for the short barrel. Live rounds work in each barrel. Head space is tighter on the short barrel, but in spec to use live round. Live rounds should fire in the short barrel. Check the rim thickness on the snap cap. I think you will find it to be thicker than the live round. Gun will not lock up or fire when out of battery.

Cool cool.
Verification of snap caps for 12 guage not being so great.
Someone posted how to make your own snap caps out of already fired shells.....
The only spec difference on the 18.5" barrel is that the cuts in the barrel which enable it to lock into the action are slightly longer than the cuts on the 28" barrel.
I don't have time to pull out my 870 with the Mossberg 18.5" barrel but if I recall correctly, the chamber is part of the barrel. If the cuts are deeper/longer then it might allow the barrel to be inserted into the receiver farther than the standard barrel. This would put the rear of the shell back farther and possibly cause the action to go out of battery with a round inserted.

What you might try is to loosen the barrel so it can move forward and back without much effort, then insert a snap cap and close the action. Push the barrel back to where you would normally have it and see if it pushes the bolt back. Alternatively, you could have the barrel in its regular position, load a snap cap and close the action and see if it pushes the barrel forward.



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