Pristine CZ 75 compact duotone 9mm

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by 40calruler, Aug 24, 2012.

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    If it ever hurt to list a gun this is it. I have a CZ 75 9mm compact in duotone that shoots like a dream and looks as beautiful as it shoots. I took it on a trade and fired two handed and loved it beyond belief. Unfortanately I can usualy only shoot one handed at the moment as the other is holding a cain after a work injury. So after trading I went back to the range and this all metal heavy frame beauty is a little much for one handed shooting. So I have to stick with the .380 for carry right now.

    Buds guns has the all black version of this for 610 mine looks brand new, is duotone, and has night sights added with the original sights in the factory box complete with a total of two mags and an amazing pistol. By far the best and most accurate compact I have ever shot or seen. By the way the grips look scratched in the pic but it is just glare because they areextremely clean and shiny.

    Right now I could use a higher end .380 such as a colt mustang or a sig p230, 232, 238. If you know CZs you know this gun is freaking amazing and the duotone is not easy to come across.

    If not a .380 I would trade for a nice full size 9mm or a 40 cal as it is not going to be something I can carry for 6 months or better anyhow. Will consider all pistols of equal value and condition or higher value with small wear but perfect function. Since I cannot carry this for a while I am seeing what someone might trade for it. I trade it for 2 guns like a rifle that fires handgun ammo and a pistol, a tactical shotty and a pistol. Would love a 1911. please do not send me low ball offers as I will make a fair trade and expect one in return and know enough that I just need a pic and a model number. No wanna be barter kings. I will not be upset if I still have this when I can shoot with both hands again so send me something I would love! I know you will love this one. Maybe even a lower mid range .223. Hit me with what you got



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    Interested in your gun. Please clear your inbox.
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