PRICE DROP Colt-ish 5.56 AR-15 16" COMPLETE +9 MAGS $1300.00

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by cooper, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Well I saw this one coming for a few years now. I AM STARTING TO BELIEVE MY DADS INTEREST IN FIREARMS IS JUST A WAY OF SPENDING SOME QUALITY TIME WITH HIS SON. AT LEAST HE PLAYS ALONG!!!! THIS IS NOT THE FIRST,NOT THE SECOND,THIRD NOPE,BUT THE FOURTH FIREARM MY "BEST FRIEND" HAS LET ME "HELP CREATE" ONLY TO HAVE ME POST WTS LATER. (I NOW KNOW MY DADS -TELL- IF HE NEVER CREATES AN AMMO SURPLUS,THE GUN IS AS GOOD AS GONE. I WOULDN'T TRADE HIS SHADOW FOR ANTHING.WORTH EVERY WORD TYPED AND MILE DRIVEN. SO HERE GOES HIS AR-15.[HR][/HR] So what we have is a lightweight,like new, "FRANKENBUILD" out of quality parts purchased through this great COMMUNITY over the last four yearsITS ALIVE. Topped out with a COLT 6720 complete upper. Flat-top Colt with lightweight 16" chrome lined barrel-stamped 1-9 CMP HBAR-M4 length handguards-bayo lug-6 slot bird cage.Chamber/barrel well cared for "gleam" in 4yrs 2-300rds fired. The only downside is BCG is not Colt. "I didn't have a routine 4yrs ago when purchased and took one under the belt as would have it" HOMEWORK-HOMEWORK-HOMEWORK The seller must have had a round on me after that. Upper had Colt forge marks and barrel stamped Colt "Must be a Colt"WHATEVER,learn to live-live to learn. BCG on the upside is like new. It is unmarked (manufacture ?) w/semi-auto A+ staked carrier.Upper includes original "slim Colt hand guards w/single heat shield. Upgrades included are (1) PRI Military Big-Latch to charging handle (2) A.R.M.S. 40L rear flip-up BUIS -BIG FAN- has CQB notches for fast PAINTING (3) A "QUAD-RAIL" not anything fancy but does the job (4) GPS-02 Grip-Pod non-China-forward grip w/push button (metal insert)bipod. NOW FOR THE LOWER][HR][/HR] I will let the lower speak for itself and be ready to debate any "name-calling" Lower is a SHARPS. I believe it to be a factory built lower but can do some PM's to find out what the LPK brand is (purchased off here FTF) Whatever the LPK brand is,its quality Mil-Spec GUTS with a smooth trigger. Lower is forged not a composite. I got it wearing a standard A2 stock which I swapped out for the "collapse-a-cool"I still have the A2 if a buyer would prefer (swap back no problem) as for upgrades (1) Houge grip installed (2) freshly installed (no miles) 4 position -Commercial- collapse-a-cool. New Tube/spring/buffer/stock, nothing fancy so it does do the Commercial-shake if you get to tickling it. Locks up TIGHT,thats what counts View attachment 56637 [HR][/HR] I LOVE DOING THESE ADS FOR HIM. IT REMINDS ME OF ALL THE TIME/CASH I THROUGH INTO "OUR" SHARING OF MY PASTIME. DON'T THINK MY OLD MAN GOES ONE STEP PAST OUT THE BOX. HE DOESN'T HAVE TO UPGRADE,HIS SON WILL GET TIRED OF LOOKING AT HIS OUT THE BOX AND "BADDA-BOOM" I BUY/TRADE HIS GUNS INTO SHAPE. OUR DADS ARE SOME SMART GUYS,BUT "THEIR DADS" NOW THERE IS A SHADOW. EITHER THAT OR THEY GOT IT FROM OUR MOTHERS. WOW. SO.......HERE ARE THE MAGAZINES THAT DROPPED IN THAT SHADOW. (5) NEW -never fired- (KCI/CDDN/hopefully South Korean) 30rd HK Maritime type mags. They have that HK look without HK Quality or PRICE though. One piece corrosion resistant,anti-tilt,push button take down (2) 40rd "Pre 94' BAN" USA mags w/upgraded USGI followers (2) NEW 20rd Black Teflon coated C-productsHR][/HR] So w all know the market. It sucks,its expensive and its limited. My SHADOW has listed quietly as I've ranted since Dec. 18th 2012. I NEVER FORGET THE DAY/TIME/PEOLE WHO TRY AND #$@% WITH MY SONS CHRISTMAS. THANK/SHUN WHOEVER HE IS ONLY 5YRS OLD AND CARES NOT TO UNDERSTAND WHY QUICKSAND SUCKS. GOOD NEWS IS 5.56 & 7.62 DON'T KICK THAT HARD. HE'LL GET USED TO IT. LETS NOT FORGET HOPE AND FAITH I WAS KINDA HOPING TO WAIT TILL HE WAS 7 YRS OLD. BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-SOAPBOX-SOAPBOX--------BACK TO THE SHADOW MAN. He wants and I am guessing will wait to receive, PRICE DROP 2/20 $1300.00 for his AR package. NOT INTERESTED IN ANY TRADES UNLESS ITS CHANGE FOR THE $130.00. SALE WILL BE "FTF" LEGAL OR. RESIDENTS PDX/TIGARD/MOLALLA ANYONE. POSSIBLE FFL SHIP FOR ARE WASHINGTON BROTHERS ON A CASE TO CASE BASIS. I can answer/try to answer any question through PM or with additional pics upon request. Please include contact info for a personal reply as I have KINDA limited (5yr old single Dad) time for PM chatter. I will respond to ALL PM's (maybe short style) received. ITS TOO BAD I NEVER LET THE SHADOW INTO THE AMMO SUPPLY. AT LEAST THAT I COULD SMILE ABOUT "THESE DAYS" GOOD LUCK SOAPBOX-SOAPBOX[HR][/HR]
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    What type of rail?
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    Wow who is gonna read all that? Nice looking AR though
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