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I'm selling a bunch of ammo in 357 SIG. Has always been kept cool and dry indoors.
Prefer to sell as a lot. $450 for the whole lot.
4 (50rd) Boxes of Remington Golden Sabre Bonded.
2 (50rd) Boxes of Federal HST.
1 (50rd) box of DoubleTap.
2 (20rd) boxes of Hornady Critical Defense.
1 (20rd) box of Winchester PDX Defender.
1 (13rd) box of Speer GoldDot.
2 (87rd) boxes of Winchester Ranger and 8 rounds of glaser type filled hollowpoints.
1 (36rd) box of WWB.
1 (30rd) box of Speer Lawman.
1 (50rd) box of SIG SAUER Elite Perfomance Ammo.
A few bags of reloads.

IMG_0987_zpsnmpgzeh7.jpg IMG_0988_zps6zqnwyta.jpg IMG_0990_zpsbtl4sqwt.jpg IMG_0989_zpsa2ekzvhq.jpg IMG_0995_zpsikgvfrtl.jpg IMG_0994_zpsixj2y8ct.jpg IMG_0993_zpsksjirajo.jpg IMG_0991_zpsna8esu1h.jpg IMG_0992_zpsf1e4u10m.jpg IMG_0999_zpsjql24xat.jpg IMG_0998_zpsik7k7wpg.jpg IMG_0997_zpsyrg9lubc.jpg
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