Ponsness Warren press with accessories

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    I have had this press for a few years now. Always rock solid performance. I personally have loaded well over 2000 rounds on this press. Comes with the dust cover, autoprime system for both small and large primers. Also comes with RCBS powder measurer.

    This press is nice because it's like having two tool heads in one. You can have two sets of dies setup at the same time and all you do to change over is to remove two bolts, rotate tool head, tighten bolts back up, change the shell holder and you are off doing another caliber. It's a rock solid press and has served me quite well. But now since I own two Dillon presses and a different single stage press, this one just doesn't get the use it should. Time to let someone else enjoy this press.

    $225 with all the extras added in. If someone wanted just the press without the powder thrower, I'd go $175. They still sell this press online, and the basic one is a bit more than my asking price for the whole package deal. Then add on the primer system and cover.

    I'd be up to entertain offers, but no lowballs. I'm just trying to drum up money for more accessories for my 550&650. Trade offers welcome, but only dillon accessories.

    PM with questions and as always and thanks for looking!
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