POF/Hogan .308 rifle, *BROKEN* For repair or parts only. $1300

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    This gun is being sold as non-functional, broken, and in need of repair. Do not expect a running gun out of the box

    This rifle is made from POF parts, but built by Hogan. It had been back to the manufacturer four times, and during one of those times they had stressed the material holding the rear take down lug on the upper, which finally broke off. Unfortunately for me, they are not taking responsibility for their terrible repair work, blaming me for all of the faults this rifle has had.

    I had some intentions of repairing the rifle, but I don't even want it around me anymore. However, after the third trip back, it did cycle and run fairly well until it went into machine gun operation, then broke the lug. Hogan did replace the broken sear in the trigger, so that should be sorted out.

    If you need more photos, please ask.

    I would trade this thing for a DPMS or CMMG .308 with a 16" threaded barrel. I will add up to $200 on the trade if it's worth it. (Cash on your end for most DPMS stuff).
    $1300 plus shipping. That is less than half of the MSRP, which I feel is more than fair for it's condition. If you have an offer, let me know.

    I am in Beaverton, and can show it to you in person on Wednesdays and Sundays (unless you happen to be like me working nights, I can show it to you most days after 2:30am).


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