Please let's go shooting! Show me new places to shoot

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    I grew up in near Mt. St. Helens, then moved to Salem at 16. My pop has always worked out of town. So I went with my uncle, who's still in WA. At 18 I went to OSU then was diagnosed with Cancer (no big deal I'm only getting stronger, and I have my hair back! Lol) I'm 23 now and still don't have a great or close spot. I MISS SHOOTING! I'm looking for some shooting buddies. While my life was on hold they all went and started family's and such. I'm back in Corvallis, OR. I really hope to meet some of you guys. You seem like good people.
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    Hi, User, Thanks! Yeah, we are some good peoples!

    If you're looking for outdoor target shooting, could try this...

    Memaloose Rd Helion Pit Clean-Up - April 26th

    Might seem like a bit of a drive, but, not bad from Corvallis. It would be a great way to meet some good folks and might learn of some good areas to shoot.

    I'm sure you've looked at the Outdoor Shooting Areas section. You may find what you're looking for there.

    You are in an area were, I would think, should be lots of places to go shoot. Could check with the forest service for target shooting areas.

    Good luck, Bill

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