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Plate carrier, modular drop leg, back packs and more

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by the3ndgame, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. the3ndgame

    the3ndgame Oregon Member

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    I have a PIG plate carrier in coyote brown.
    The options I got with the carrier are the plate carrier molle cummerbund;
    the load integration kit (to attach the Yote backpack);
    an extra G-hook side release buckle kit.

    On the carrier are four (4) Esstac "toaster" mag pouches in multicam;
    two (2) HGSI "double decker taco" mag pouches in multicam;
    two (2) side plate carriers for the molle cummerbund in coyote brown;
    and an Eagle Industries "Yote" backpack in multicam (backpack does detach and has straps too).
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $860 obo, or $680 obo without the Yote backpack.

    I also have an Esstac modular drop leg panel in coyote brown,
    on the panel are two (2) HGSI "double decker taco" mag pouches;
    and one (1) HGSI Improved Bleeder/Blowout Pouch Modular in multicam.

    The blowout kit is already loaded with EMT shears,
    a Bolin chest seal,
    a needle for chest decompression,
    a nasal airway tube w/jelly, tourniquet,
    NARP s-rolled gauze,
    compressed gauze,
    latex gloves,
    duct tape,
    ---------------------------------------------------------- $200 obo, or $130 without the blowout kit

    I also have a like new, Camelback "Motherlode" backpack in black... and a Spec-Ops brand "T.H.E. Pack" in coyote brown. $175 obo, and each has it's own camelback bladder installed.

    Truly some top notch stuff, some is brand new I bought it while on my last deployment and had it sent home in prep for my next one. The rest has served me well, and I'm sure it will for you too.
    I am willing to take trades for part or full value of the kit, depending on what the trade may be. I could really use a street bike to commute with right about now, so that would be a big plus :)

    I have attached some pictures of most of the gear, PM me or call/text @ 971-267-9177 if you are interested in making an offer or want more pics before you decide.





    View attachment 241683

    View attachment 241684

    View attachment 241685

    View attachment 241686
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2011
  2. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    If the item is for sale, you must post a price please.
    This is not an auction site.
  3. darkminstrel

    darkminstrel PDX Well-Known Member

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    Are you willing to break the set-up into individual parts? As in stripping off the various pouches for sale?
  4. the3ndgame

    the3ndgame Oregon Member

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    I am willing to sell the items like so...
    Plate carrier with it's supporting gear (minus the bag if you wish), the drop leg as a unit (minus the blowout kit if you wish), any of the bags, or any combination of these pieces. But I did not intend on breaking them down further than that.
    Thanks for the inquiry though :)

    - AJ
  5. im566

    im566 Gresham Active Member

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    Pm sent
  6. the3ndgame

    the3ndgame Oregon Member

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    Still available. Had a few people contact me but not any offers I can accept right now. Last bump then I think this thread will close, so if interested let me know.
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