PDX Expo Show -- How is it?

Discussion in 'Events & Get Togethers' started by techiej, May 19, 2012.

  1. techiej

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    Know that it's early in the day to ask, but am trying to decide as to whether to change my plans for tomorrow in order to attend this show.

    So, for those of you who made it there today, how was it and was it worth attending?

    FYI -- my interests are mostly bolt-action rifles as well as shooting accessories.

  2. JackThompson

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    There's a gun show going on today!?

    Where can I keep up on this stuff? I've never been to one.
  3. M67

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    Just google, Rose City Gun Show. You will get all the info you need.

    I can tell you that the expo gun shows are not what they used to be in the mid 90's.
    If you want to go check out different handguns or rifles that you might be looking to buy, there is quite a few to choose from.
  4. cowboygraphics

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    Here are two links that I have bookmarked to check where local gun shows are.
    Also search this forum for several threads on shows to consider traveling to. Some threads are fairly negative regarding the Expo shows (rediculous price to park, non gun items etc.), but I am going to show my support & get ride of some money burning a hole in my pocket. Besides if I stay home, honey will have me doing yardwork.
    Wes Knodel Gunshows, Rose City Gun Shows, Portland, OR | WesKnodelGunShows.com
    Collectors West > Home
  5. EZLivin

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    I was there today; mostly because I needed a few items and wanted to support the local venders. The show had the usual stuff. A couple of venders were talking about it being "weird" - not crowded, but relaxed and steady. I don't go often, but did spend a lot more time there today because it was definitely less crowded than other shows I have attended, so much easier to browse. Walked outa there with the stuff I came for, plus a used Buckmark that needed a home.
  6. accessbob

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    I went today and enjoyed it. It was the first one I've been to so I don't have any kind of basis to know how good it was, but I liked being able to handle quite of few guns I had wondered about. It was nice to be able to do and not be at a gun shop asking to hold this, then this, then the next. Here I could just pick them up and hold them as I felt like it (at least at most of the tables). I picked up a couple of things I had been wanting and my daughter found a couple of knives to add to her collection. I am sore and tired now though.

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