Para-Ordnance Warthog/P-10 .45 ACP $650

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    This is a 10+1 Double stack 1911 style compact pistol with a 3” barrel.

    This pistol came as a “Regal” with black slide and frame, but para’s coating is fairly poor and showed quite a bit of wear when I purchased it. I had it bead blasted down with the intention of having it Cerakoted, but decided I liked it plain. The slide is Stainless and the frame is Aluminum so bare has been fine.

    Round count is unknown but there isn’t any excessive wear on the internals or any other parts.

    I purchased another carry so I’m letting this one go.

    Price is $650 and trades are quality pistols (possibly rifles) that favor me.
    Buyer must have WDL and CPL.

    IMG_20140901_144608_zpsaygevyp5.jpg [/URL

    IMG_20140901_144538_zpssqa9erka.jpg [/URL

    IMG_20140901_144502_zps62roiexz.jpg [/URL
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