WTS OR P-11....FINAL, FINAL REDUCTION....never again, ever, never!!

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    OK, OK.
    FER' SUR'

    LAST reduction before it goes back to the dark recesses of my safe, to be seen again by someone else only upon my death, or by me, because I miss it and want to caress the slide............:confused::eek:o_Oo_O

    It runs fine. No FTF's, jams, hiccups

    Comes w/Don Hume IWB holster in new condition. ($35)
    Comes with 2 mags w/pinky extensions. ($42)

    $273.87 OBO above $273.00

    FTF in Medford area.
    ODL & receipt required.


    Note; Gun, Flag, and bullets in photo for illustrative purposes only. But I will throw in 5 (1/2 mag capacity) factory 9 mm bullets and a 3x5 flag (we're talking inches, not feet here) for a full price offer ...:D:confused:

    kel tec 11.jpg
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