WTS WA OR too 444 Marlin T/C Contender barrel

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    I have a Contender 44 mag Super 14 with Muzzle Tamer that has been re-chambered to 444 Marlin By Mike Bellm. It also is drilled and tapped for his 6 screw scope base. Barrel and 6 hole base $250 + $6.00 shipping. Cash or USPS Money Order only.
    Forearm adapter and scope not included, just the barrel and scope base.

    From Bellmtcs.com
    There has always been a lot of noise made about exotic, mystically powerful "hand cannon" rounds for the Contender requiring custom dies.

    Facts are facts. The .444 Marlin's chamber diameter lets it run at higher pressure than the .45/70, and its bore size combined with the higher pressure gives you ABSOLUTELY all the energy you can squeeze out of a Contender safely.

    Physics is physics, facts are facts..... anything else is bs.

    Common dies, factory ammo, and a plethora of excellent .44 cal. bullets, both jacketed and cast up to 300 gr. or more make the .444 Marlin the ultimate Contender/G2 sledge hammer with excellent accuracy even from factory ammo. It normally groups around 1" with factory ammo.

    In the hands of a decent handgunner, it is fully 200 yard capable, and my brake, or even the TC factory Muzzle Tamer brake, makes .444 Marlin very manageable. Without a brake, it is brutal to shoot, in my opinion, though some stalwarts with a high pain threshold do shoot it without a brake.

    I have shot numerous .444 Marlin factory braked barrels without the weight of a scope to reduce recoil sighting in open sights. There is no doubt you unleashed some horsepower, but it does not reach the level of painful, and there is not much muzzle rise, twisting, or stinging sensation.

    As you will note in the pix, my brake gives you more ports than TC's brake and more force downward on the muzzle to minimize muzzle rise.

    If you really need all the juice you can squeeze from the Contender, .444 Marlin is it, and it is the most expedient, easiest to work with along the same "user friendly" lines of the .357 Rem. Max.
    TC 444.jpg TC Bellm.jpg TC Con.jpg TC 444.jpg TC Bellm.jpg TC Con.jpg
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