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    I came across these items while going through my storage.

    I've got the original thumbhole stock with screws, trigger group(trigger, hammer, and disconnector), Quick-disconnect scope rings, plug screws (for where the scope mount goes), cleaning kit, and manual: all in excellent condition.

    I'd like to get $113 shipped for everything.
    Or trade for-

    *AR Parts-
    -Bolts, barrels, upper receivers
    -CTR, ACS, ACE Stocks,
    -Rifle-length Midwest Gen 2 Drop-In Quad-rail,
    -Lower receiver/s (Omni or Poly ok)(Can pay transfer)

    *Archangel Mosin Stock

    *Dillon 550 toolheads and conversion kits

    *Lee Classic Handloader Kits

    *Dies in-
    - 5.7x28mm - 221 Fireball - 223/556 (Redding S-type) - 300 BLK -6.8 SPC - 9mm Makarov - 9mm carbide/9x23- 44-40 - 44 Mag - 45 LC/454 - 32 H&R/327 - 300 WSM - 358 Win...some others...Let me know what you have.

    Can pay transfer for-
    * A Cricket Rifle or similar
    *12ga or 20ga bolt action
    *Savage bolt-action 30-30
    *Handi-rifle (can add cash depending)
    *Cheap rifle like a Mosin, Arisaka, or Lee- Enfield (Sporterized ok)

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