WTS OR Or anywhere: Steyr Aug 1.5 Optic, brand new takeoff

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    Will consider compact 9mm or NAA/Seecamp 2 in trade.

    I have a brand new Steyr 1.5 Optic with the built in mount. This is the latest model with the integral receiver mount and the pictinny mounting attachments on the top and right side of the scope housing which comes on the A3 M1 Aug. It will fit the A3 M1 receiver only (not earlier USA models). A buyer contacted me several days ago and wanted to purchase this scope. Our research (Steyr & Pete Athens) confirmed that this optic will fit only the currant model Aug (A3M1). Unfortunately the purchaser had an earlier Aug USA so it is back up for sale. This optic has never been used and is as it comes new from Steyr. They cost $575.00 but because I have no use for it I will sell it for $150.00 less, for a total of $425.00 shipped to you or I will meet you half way as far North and East as Roseburg.
    Thank you.
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