Opinions On Retail Reloading Supply Stocks

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    I went into Sportsman's Warehouse today and it was anemic! A few cans of powder, almost no bulk bullets (a couple boxes of Berry's) and that was it. But the surprise was the lack of FMJ bullets by the major mfgs. The shelves were about about 20% or less - and only about a month ago it was close to a normal stocking. Ok I don't shop around much but what are the rest of you seeing this week for supplies? There were quite a few primers on the shelf but that was the only high point. Maybe its just Sportsman's because they have done this stock 'draw down' before so whats it like in the stores for the rest of the State?
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    Just caught you were looking at reloading supplies... My initial response below might be useful to others

    Other places, like Bi-Mart and Fishermen's are stocked pretty well as of when I went in today. Sportsman's just opened a new location, maybe they stocked it from other stores?

    BTW Bi-Mart in OC is jammed with UMC 55gr .223 FMJ 200 boxes, Fishermen's had plenty of XM193 and M855. also plenty of AK food.

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