WTS/WTT WA One sealed pound of WIN 296

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    I took this in on a trade last year and do not own any wheel guns so I have one sealed pound of WIN 296 I'd like to sell for $20 or trade (locally in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater or Grays Harbor area) I do not know how old or new it is but it is sealed.

    My research reveals that this powder W296/H110 is used only for Magnum pistol cartridges like the .357 mag, .41 mag & .44 mag.

    I'm wanting to trade for one sealed pound of Longshot + a few $ on my end for reloading 40S&W.

    PM for contact details.
    Thanks for looking.
    Jim Sr.

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    note: W296/H110 works great for .30 Carbine. I use 14.8 grains, safe and accurate.

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