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Beef on sale at Safeway
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Safeway's meat sales is where it's at! Buy an uncut chunk and they'll give you even a bit more of discount per pound,. It seems to vary depending on which butcher you get, but on average... somewhere in the neighborhood of $1/lb off. Process to your liking and great time to stock the freezer.

Very good quality meat for a grocery store outlet.

Don't forget to ask for a bit of their free proprietary bourbon BBQ sauce. That shtuff is the shizzle!
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Ya never know what you might find in great deals. My wife scores the ribeyes when on sale at Safeway and freed Meyer. She just got chicken breasts at Safeway for .99 / lb.
Also got some wonderful deals at Fred Meyers this week on beef, $4-5/lb and a BOGO deal on pork ribs! My freezer is looking healthy now, but I'll make sure to check out Safeway more often.
Safeway used to put Ahi tuna on sale for like $9/lb. As good as it looked in the window I always asked them for still-frozen chunks that were still vacuum packed in the freezer. I would buy 3 or 4 pounds which made many meals for 1 or 2, put the chunks into gallon bags and into my freezer.

Another good buy would be to buy a pork loin on sale and slice it up into multiple chops and a 2-3 lb roast. 12-15 thick chops and a roast for like $12.

Then Biden came along....
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