NWRed's Cleaning up sale parts/holsters/optics (updated 4-27, pics)

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    I've decided I should go through my stuff and try to free up some cash to finish up some other projects that are stalled for lack of cash. :D

    Shipping isn’t included, almost everything will fit in a either a small or large flat rate priority mailer , so add $5 or $10 shipping accordingly depending on size and quantity. I accept MOs/pp(add4%) or trades from my list.:

    Trades I’m looking for are :
    folding sights(need front and rears) MBUS/ARMS 71 etc
    Sig P226 9mm barrel
    Sig P226/220 frames and .22 conversion kits & mags
    AAC 18T blackout adapter
    handguns FTF in W. WA
    cheap plain jane Ruger 10-22s
    1911 slides in 9mm/.38super/.40/10mm
    cheap Rem. 700 BDL SA take off stock and bottom metal


    M1A front tritium night sight and rear backbored ghost ring $100/set
    M1A flash hider $30
    M14 beat up hand guards and stock metal $20 for all
    M1 carbine hand guard $5

    AK AR stock adapter $20
    2x grip screw and nut $5 ea
    Ak grip $5

    2x Remington shotgun mag tube caps $5 ea
    Chinese Rem. 1100/1187 wood furn set, stock is cracked/broken at wrist $10 SPF
    Speedfeed 870 Emerald Green LE forend $10
    Remington 870 factory synthetic forend sport style $10
    FAL grip $5 (has extra hole where it attaches to the recevier, doesn’t affect function)
    Ishapore .308 Enfield leaf sight $5
    Rem. 870 factory limiter free with purchase
    Leather shotgun butt cuff, holds 5 shells, secures with Velcro on the opposite side $30
    300WM -.32ACP adapter $20

    Llama/Firestorm “1911” extractor and grip screws & Llama plastic 1911 grips $20
    Kings 1911 bumper and lead weight $5
    Charter Arms "Undercover Special" 1.5" ish barrel .38 special $10
    1911 grip safeties 5x most are used, 1 is GI style the rest are old school beavertail types, lil to no fitting drop in styles , 1 of the beavertail styles has the safety depressor cut off $45 for all 5
    1911 mainspring housings, 1 steel arched, no internals $10
    1911 commander recoil guide and plug, blued $15
    NIB RAMLINE Beretta 92 compact 15 round mag $6
    Ruger P94 (?) factory grips $5
    Pachmyer S&W round butt grips SK-C2 $5 (no screw)
    Like New Novak Low Mount rear sight for 1911 $25
    Like New Harrison Design solid LPA rear replacement sight for hard use 1911s $45
    Ciener Glock 17/22 .22lr conversion kit with 2x 10 round mags and case $250
    NIW Surefire Nitrolon light mount MR03 & MR04 for Sig pistols $30 ea.
    2x HKS speed loaders #36 S&W 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 49, 60, 340, 360 CHARTER ARMS / TAURUS 85, 605, 651, 851 / ROSSI 68 RUGER SP101 $10/pr
    Bag of 5 shot 9mm moonclips $6 (13 total, appear to be made by Ruger)

    LNIB Surefire M510A rifle length hand guard light system $225
    LNIB Surefire 620T Remington 1100/1187 replacement forend light system $275
    Wilcox Nightstalker -pressure switch on grip doesn’t work, on/off on rear of light body does, 9v light clamps underneath a standard AR15 front sight $50

    Oly M261 RFA with 5 new BDM mags - 300 rounds or so through the conversion, brand new unfired mags $250 for all (willing to split it up, $150 for the M261 conversion with 1 factory 10 rnd mag insert)
    M4 stock, been krylon’d and has tape residue from Velcro that was removed , 4 position tube, beat up catle nut $15
    3x Ar15 muzzle devices, 2 are aluminum threaded 1/2x.28 the ak74 style muzzle break is for “postban” .75ish barrels and uses set screws(not included) $25 for all 3.
    Ar15 extended 5.5” 1/2x28 flashhider $20
    GG&G M4 end plate sling mount (double looped model) $20
    2x notched hammers, used, no springs $10 ea.
    6x triggers, used, take offs , no spring $10 ea
    5x new trigger guards $1 ea
    7x sets of new takedown pins $3 per set
    Ar15 barrels nuts 3x $10 ea
    Car 15 slip on butt pad $5
    Ar15 pistol length FF railed forend made by C-more or Young $75
    Tapco black VFG $10
    used Knights VFG $15
    Olympic A2 upper with rear sight, no fwd assist or dust cover installed, drilled for Oly's pistol caliber ejector, it's been painted (Duracote?) in OD $75
    RAS M4 new upper half/used lower half, no covers $75 (The upper is made by P&S the Gov't sub-contractor, the lower is KAC)
    24 NIB KAC QD studs. I'm not 100% if these have any use beyond converting KACs QD mounts from socket style to standard sling studs. $5 ea. Add $2.50 shipping for any quantity.
    2 NIB Daniel Defense DD-4062-S "rear receiver OD swivel attachment point w/ swivel" $35 ea. shipped

    DiamondBack Tactical Predator Vest , Med size, Tan/Coyote with some krylon on the plastic hardware/overspray on the vest itself, BALCs armor cut AFAIK, good shape $150 (Can't believe I have to add this, but doesnt include soft armor or plates at this price )

    CQB Solutions M4 3 point sling, new , black $20
    CQB Solutions M16A2 3 point sling, like new , green $20
    Tactical Tailor M16A2 3 point sling , used/serviceable , black $20
    Tactical Tailor M16A2 3 point sling , like new, black $30
    Blackhawk 3 point sling, standard front sling attachment/M4 buttstock attachment, new, black $30
    Spec-Ops T.H.E. Mamba Sling system new, black $45
    SKT Shotgun/AOW holster-scabbard in ACU. In great shape , doesn't come with the shotshell panel or the muzzle cover and is NOT cut for a side saddle. Retention strap included but not shown. Does include brand new in the package long Malice Clips $65 shipped

    Safariland #572 concealable double mag pouch with paddle for Smith/Beretta92/Sig/XD size mags $25 shipped
    Safariland Nylok Ankle/calf holster for Keltec P3AT/P32 sized autos. $20
    Blade-Tech OWB for G20/21 in DESERT CAMO , like new,currently has a 1.75" fixed non adjustable belt loop (similar to Stingray loop $35 shipped, $40 with additional tek-lok
    Galco Matrix kydex belt slide for 9mm/.40 sized Glocks with mag pouch $30 shipped for the set
    20x Bladetech LARGE tech-loks -NEW $6 ea.
    Kramer single mag pouch for Kahr 9/40 $38 shipped
    BladeTech SOB for a Kahr K9 like new, the ex tried it a couple times and didnt care for it. $40 shipped

    Ar15 2 promag AR 9mm magazines for Colt/RRA type systems $30 for the pair
    4x used 9mm Kahr factory 8 rnd matte stainless mags $30 ea
    3x used Springfield XD9mm 16 rnd mags $60/all
    10 NIW C-Products LR308 20round magazines: $20 ea, add $5 for shipping for 1-2 mags and $10 shipping for 3-10 mags, via USPS Priority mail, or all 10 for $205 shipped.
    6x preban (undated) used M16 mags $60 shipped

    LE & Misc Patches:
    ($20 bill for size reference)

    Reflective 4x10 patches $10 ea.
    3x POLICE
    2x SHERIFF
    1x FBI

    Reflective 1x4 patches $5 ea.
    1x SHERIFF
    1x POLICE

    Military Police 4x9 $15
    1x 2x4 POLICE $3

    2x 8” FEMA patch $10 ea
    1x 3” round ATF patch $5
    5x 4” round US Marshals patches $5 ea.
    2x Police Officer Shield $5 ea
    All others $3 ea.

    5x “CAS style” Deputy US Marshal badge $5 ea
    2x Security Officer Badges $8/both

    Badge Wallets:
    2x Shield wallets $10 ea.
    1x Star (lots of storage wear, possibly used?) $5

    Grenade launching blanks:
    45x .223 $45
    35x .308 $40
    21x .30-06 $25

    Killflash for M22 Steiners $65 shipped like new in the bag

    New Glock Light , been sitting in a box unused for several years $60
    Used Bushnell HoloSight made by Eotech - basically an Eotech 511 without the extra hood. Not a cheap airsoft knockoff, this is made in the USA by Eotech. Its got a few minor scrapes that look a lot worse in the pics. Has a single dot reticle like an Aimpoint (either 1 or .5 MOA dot) $225 shipped
    1 NIB Safariland shield , storage wear $10
    1x used 9mm Kahr factory 7rnd matte stainless mag $25
    BladeTech IWB XD “FitsAll” $30
    LEFT HANDED Galco Sig 22X shoulder holster with double mag pouch -like new $80 shipped
    CQB Solutions/Specter Gear Single point sling, like new, green $15
    DelTon Inc 20" HBAR on an A2 receiver, marked "DTI 5.56 NATO 1-9" no BCG or CH included, used in good shape $300
    RRA Tactical Carry Handle rear sight/optics platform with batt storage $80
    YHM gas block height flip up front sight $45
    AR15 gas block height detachable front sight (Armalite?) $30
    Ar15 Uzi mag block adapter (currently disassembled ,missing a ball detent and 2 roll pins) and 1 UZI mag with Ar15 mag catch cut in it , mags are tight in the adapter $35
    2x HKS speed loaders #586 S&W 586, 686, 581, 68 / RUGERGP100 $10 /pr
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    holy gun parts batman!


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    Do you know if the Trijicon Red Dot will mount and fit on a Generation 3 Elcan Specter DR? I have the Elcan Specter mount for the red dot but its for the Docters sight..I am assuming this is the same thing right? I did notice the two screw holes are closer together on this sight.

    Here is what mine looks like...

  4. SVT-ROY

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    Are the AR 9mm pro mags polymer or metal. New or used with wear? Thanks a heap.
  5. Boomstick

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    Do you have a pic of the Del-ton HBAR
  6. NWRed

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    BTT Giving this another week or so then all this stuff goes back into storage.
  7. NWRed

    Puyallup for now

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    New job hasn't started yet so I still have some time. Edited my post, took some pics and BTT we go
  8. oregonty

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    I will take the Ar15 Uzi mag block adapter (currently disassembled ,missing a ball detent and 2 roll pins) and 1 UZI mag with Ar15 mag catch cut in it , mags are tight in the adapter $35.

    PM inbound.
  9. Untamo

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    Interested in the BDM AR15 .22lr conversion mags if you'll part with just them?

    PM comin at ya.
  10. mcathcart

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    more details about Kahr mags please,
  11. NWRed

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    Reductions.edits, new stuff etc
  12. YuriK80

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    PM sent

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