Norinco TT Olympia .22LR, my last one......

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    This is a neat plinking pistol, patterned after the Walther Olympias of the 1930s. The Oympias were later built for many years by Hammerli. If you look closely, you will see that S&W didn't go very far from this design when planning their Model 41. In fact you can fit a Model 41 magazine to a Norinco Olympia quite easily.

    Semi-auto, 8 round capacity magazine. Very, very, very reliable. I have never had a jam or misfire, and accuracy is quite good. Blue with mystery wood grips (Chinese walnut?).

    These are sort of rare, but have a well deserved internet reputation for build quality, accuracy, etc. Only negative I have ever seen was the rear sight screws can come out and are hard to replace. Well that is what LocTite is for.

    I have had three of these, and every one has been a complete joy, but other guns are calling. There is the box, manual, target weight, pistol, and three magazines. Asking $300 shipped or best offer.

    Thanks for looking!

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