Non Import Marked Chinese Tokarev

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by bmw2, Dec 27, 2010.

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    Wife and I decided to expand our family so I've decided to thin the herd a little and since my collection has veered another direction, I've decided to let this go.

    Was a Vietnam bring back from a board member, I won't give his name unless he decides to chime in but unfortunately there isn't any paperwork. It is however still a non import marked gun so that should have some value. It's a 1964, the flash makes it look worse than it is but it does look like a well used war horse. It hasn't been fired since it was brought back, I gave it a good look over and everything looks good but I haven't done any cleanup as I didn't want to hurt the collector value. One grip is cracked and missing a piece. Just comes with one mag.

    I'd like $400 but that might be a little high, there wasn't much to go off of on Gunbroker. Not really looking for trades as I'd like to put some cash away but I might consider a partial trade for a "tactical" .22 autoloader(something with a rail) or a beat up single six that needs refinishing.
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