Nikon M-223 2-8x32mm BDC-600 AR-15 Riflescope w/ 1" QD rings

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    Nikon M-223 2-8x32mm BDC-600 AR-15 Riflescope (AND 1" picatinny rings)

    I bought this scope brand new and have only used it for maybe 50 rounds. I decided to go with an Aimpoint so this has just been sitting in my safe for a couple of years. I also acquired some great 1" picatinny scope rings that are perfect for this scope. They are QD with a quick-throw screw knob.

    These scopes have an awesome interface that makes range work easy and fun. Without unscrewing caps or something, you need only click the two turrets to bring POI in line with POA. You can then raise the turret and bring it back to zero, thus allowing you to dope the wind and/or bullet drop at longer distances. This scope includes the scope covers, but I no longer have the box.

    The scope is reviewed HERE. If you look closely, the rings available for sale are the same ones pictured on the top AR in the article.



    I would trade for Hornady V-Max .223 55gr, let's say 12 boxes (240 rounds).
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