Nice takeoff Ruger mini 14 wood stock

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by Blitzkrieg, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I took this off one of my minis many years ago and it's been gathering dust in storage.. nice American Birch wood with some nice patterns. . comes with the rear sling swivel. $30 or trades.. I see these selling on Ebay for $40 to $75 with no real condition description. This one is very nice with only two tiny blemishes for the really picky.. I mean like less than the head of a pin size

    I am Lacey, WA for a FTF or I can ship at actual cost USPS Priority mail

    Here is a pic


    HK 91/93 bayonet with sheath, excellent condition or a little cash from you if not

    HK 91 or 93 (HK factory only) extractors, firing pins, springs, etc

    Some factory sealed types of gunpowder

    44 magnum brass 1 x or new

    45 LC brass, 1 x or new

    45 LC steel/iron flat nose bullet mold (Lyman, etc)

    45-70 flat nose type bullet molds

    32 ACP carbide dies

    Primers, all types

    Ruger LCP magazines

    N frame S & W 45 LC speedloaders

    MAS 45/ .22 LR military trainer bolt parts (firing pin, springs, extractor, etc) and magazines

    2 and 3 point slings
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