WTS WA NICE! Combo Pack: Emerson Mini A100 (Discontinued model!) and 1st. Gen DPX H.E.S.T. Folder, $275 TYD

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    Greetings all,

    Offering up a nice Emerson/DPX combo package. I'll let the photos do the talking. What you see is what you get.

    - First up, a 2010 vintage Emerson Mini A100 BTS. Yes, the discontinued one. Excellent+ condition. Looks like a factory edge to me, and the original backspacer model. No box or paperwork. Solid lockup, no play I can feel. Fairly well centered...it might be a little off, but doesn't contact anything. There are couple tiny little brownish discoloration marks on the non-lock liner...tough to see. Also, looks like maybe a little light rubbing to the clip, nothing major, see photos.

    - Second up is a Gen1 DPX HEST Folder. I like these because they have the metal liner on the G10 side. Again, excellent+ condition, shows no real signs of use. Good lockup with just barely the very tiniest bit of perceptible vertical movement. Comes with box, tool, and the extra clip screw.

    Asking $275 shipped/insured (CONUS) USPS Priority Mail for BOTH!!

    As usual, I offer a 24 hr. no-use/no-modification/no disassembly inspection period.:thumbup:

    **Note: Right now, I'd like to keep these together for a combo deal if possible.

    Feel free to throw me a reasonable offer, worst I'll do is say 'No Thanks.'

    Mostly looking for cash, but might consider some trades...NOT looking for generics (Benchmade, Spyderco, etc). Some money might have to change hands, depending on what you've got.

    SOP's (Please Read):

    Any trade offer must be in excellent++/LNIB condition. **If you've done any home mods, I'm probably not interested.**

    Requirement: Any traded knife mailed to me must be PROPERLY packaged. That means a proper-sized BOX, bubble wrap, and packing materials.

    If you don't have anything I'm looking for in trade and/or are interested in purchasing and/or have a counter-offer, please do NOT ask me what I'll take for it--email/pm me an offer. Do your research...Low-ballers will be ignored.

    Please do not waste my time. If you say 'Deal,' I expect you to honor your commitment. Have your financials in order before making offers!!!!.

    The usuals: USA only, must be 21 years old, USPS Money Order or PayPal only. I reserve the right to withdraw at any time, with or without a sale/trade.

    May be listed elsewhere as well.

    Email or PM with any questions.

    Thanks for looking.

    DSC03856.JPG DSC03857.JPG DSC03859.JPG DSC03860.JPG
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    Is this package still available???

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