NIB S&W Model 642 .38 SPL +P (((NO LOCK)))

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Robinett_11B, Nov 4, 2013.

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    *** NO TRADES ***

    Up for sale is a nice little carry piece. It's a NIB .38 Special +P S&W Model 642-1 Airweight....without the internal key lock! No need for an unnecessary "safety lock" that could tie up the gun when you need it most. Just came into possession of this, but am looking to get an older Model 640, so it's up for sale now.

    Never been fired outside the factory, never been carried, cleaned, messed with, etc. This gun has a born-on date of 10/14/2013, so it's still just a youngster! It'll come with everything it does from the factory...manual, gun lock, warranty card, fired casing, etc.

    The 642 is an awesome CC piece and a top pick of many well known shooters - such as Massad Ayoob and the late Stephen Camp. Only weighing 15oz, chambered for the potent (yes, it is) .38 Special +P, stainless steel & aluminum alloy construction, and smooth lines make this the perfect "always gun" - something you'll have no excuse to leave home without! No external hammer to snag on a draw from the pocket or waistband and the typical smooth S&W trigger. S&W is also currently offering a $30 rebate on these guns.

    I'm selling this gun for $450 OBO. Not accepting any trades (unless you've got a .38spl Model 640).

    FTF meet to take place in S. Everett. Would prefer to deal with a CPL holder. No weirdos.

    *** NO TRADES ***





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