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    I joined the forum a few weeks ago, and have been lurking around. This is my second time living up in the pacific northwest. Moved up here the first time in the fall of '05, I moved to Florida early in '10. I've been for a few months now. Recently got my WA CPL. I've been around guns all my life (grew up in SW Missouri).

    Right now I've got a Walther P99 in 9mm (German not a S&W), and a Sig P239 in .357 SIG. I was planning on getting a PPK or PPK/S next, but hearing that folks have the same gripes about the S&W produced PPK's as the S&W P99's, I've decided to get a Bersa Thunder. I thought about an LCP briefly, but then I found out they were DAO, no thanks.

    Oh, and I HATE Glocks.
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