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Hello all.

Just got my new Ruger Mark III 22/45 to go along with my Model 29-3 S&W. I have been trolling the board a bit and am encouraged to see the pleasantness of the board. To many end up in a pissing match and people get butt hurt. I like seeing people willing to share knowledge.

I am a disabled Vet, AF, and live north of Spokane in Chattaroy. My wife and I are working towards becoming a poultry processor for our own poultry as well as others. We raise Pekin ducks for meat and eggs, hens for eggs, rabbits for meat, and goats for weed eaters. As of now the meat is just for us as we are not licensed to sell, yet. This spring we will get our initial license for meat as well as eggs.

I have the luxury of having my own "range" on my property, (60' hill leading to upper property). I pretty much grew up at rendezvous around central CA in the 80s shooting my muzzle loader, running around in my buckskins, and competing in small matches.

I look forward to learning from the knowledgeable and experienced.
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