WTS WA New Rem700, SS, magnum LA.

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    **** SOLD ****

    New Right hand, Remington 700, stainless, magnum action. This is not a donor/ take down. This is a new production action. No blast of any kind, machine finish. The action is quite smooth and locks up tight. Smoother and tighter than many I have built on in the past. I was surprised.

    The action did not come with any bottom metal or action screws. I decided to go with a Stiller action on my latest build.

    **** SOLD ****425.00 Shipped to your FFL. Your FFL must accept from a non FFL / indavidual. I can send a photo copy of my drivers license with the action if need be to your FFL.

    Payment by discreet PayPal plus fee, purchaser cover PP fees or by Postal MO.

    Will consider partial trade for the following.

    Remington 700 trigger. Jewell , Shillen, Timney. Must be able to adjust as low as 2 lbs.

    Remington 700 right hand BDL, long action stock. Bell & Carlson Alaskan TI mountain rifle, HS-Precision light weight sporter, McMillan sporter/classic

    Leupold scopes

    Berger .30 cal 230gr Hybrids.

    May consider other trades. I'm a sucker for anything that goes BOOM! Or is involved in making something go boom.


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