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    I found this site doing a Google search for a gunsmith. Looks like a great bunch of people. My name is Mark and I lives in Issaquah. I love to hunt, fish, shoot, and reload. I love everything about firearms.

    A little about me. I am a political animal and I am passionate about defending, preserving, and advancing our Second Amendment rights. I am heavily involved in defending hunters rights. There is no right more important than our right to keep and bear arms. A great quote from Ronald Reagan:

    Or as one of the Founding Fathers said that the Second Amendment is there so that the other nine will be observed. All our rights flow from our right as an armed populace. I will stop here as I know I am preaching to the choir and you get where I stand. I look forward to posting here. I was really impressed with the thread that I read on a a gunsmith. Very helpful. Thank you.
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    :thumbup:welcome aboard

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